We are always willing to take in bird rescues. We work to rehabilitate our rescues before posting them here. All rescues undergo a quarantine health check before being adopted out. We also work with our community to rehome birds when we do not need to rehabilitate them first. All adoption fees are individual to the specific bird.

Please contact us for current availability. Birds are sold on-site by appointment only, or at posted events, they are available on a first come basis. If you wish to reserve a bird in advance we do accept a non-refundable reservation fee to hold a bird.

Checkout our Facebook page for the most current availability postings or to message us directly on messenger. You can also contact us quickly by mobile text message or email.

What happens when you get in a new rescue?

Whenever we receive a rescue, it undergoes a health evaluation and vet visit as needed. It also will go into quarantine for 14 to 90 days depending on it’s health evaluation. The only exception to this are budgie parakeets (we rehome them as quickly as possible unless a health issue is found).

During quarantine, we work with the birds to assess their personality and any emotional or physical rehabilitation issues. We work with the birds to re-tame them whenever possible. Once we feel they are able to successfully integrate into a new home, we make them available for adoption. We continue to work with the birds until they are re-homed.

What if the rescue has behavioral issues?

Some rescues do have personality quirks or undesired traits they have acquired from previous living conditions and handling. We do our best to advise potential owners of any remaining issues and how to work with them going forward.

Occasionally we have rescues that are simply unsuitable as pets. If in good health and we feel they would be happiest with a mate, we allow them to join our breeding program. Exceptions are if the original owners request otherwise. We do our best to provide the best option for the happiness of the bird’s mental and physical health. Birds that are not going to be happy as pets or breeders are allowed to live out their lives in the most comfortable way possible at our rescue home.

What type of birds do you rescue?

We primarily rescue domesticated birds like parrots and parakeet species. We have the resources to house any size bird from finches to macaws. If you have a rescue, contact us as early as possible to make sure we have an appropriate space ready for them in advance.

Do you ever rescue wildlife birds?

We do rescue wild birds, as long as they are not a federally protected species. Any migratory (storks, vultures, etc) and raptor (owls, hawks, etc) wildlife require a federal permit that we do not currently have due to land ownership requirements. However we plan to work towards that in the future. We can however take in songbirds, poultry and waterfowl for rehabilitation back into the wild. During a wild rescue, note the location it is found so that it can be released back into it’s territory whenever possible (within 3 miles). If injured, we recommend you take it to an avian veterinarian, most will take in injured wildlife drop-offs for free.