Not all of our breeding pairs are actively breeding year-round. Many species have seasonal breeding periods once or twice a year (usually early and late spring). Currently the only species we have breeding year-round are Cockatiels and Parrotlets.

Hand Tamed Baby Pricing



Pacific Parrotlet


Indian Ringneck


Green Cheek Conure


Sun Conure


Blue Crowned Conure




Red Rump -Orange




Re-homes & Rescues

All rehome fees vary greatly on an individual basis.

Approximate pricing is as followed:

Budgie Parakeets $10

Lovebirds $30

Parrotlets $80

Cockatiels $100

Green Cheek Conures $200

Quakers $250

All other species are less commonly received as rescues. Re-home fees are usually based on condition, personality, behavior issues and costs of acquisition and vet fees. We strongly believe that “free rescues” end up in homes that do not properly care for their birds and often end up with ‘bird collectors’ or neglectful owners. Due to these reasons we do have discounted re-home fees that go to funding our rescue efforts. Thanks for understanding.