All of the birds received from our Aviary are always welcome to board with us, including discounted weekly rates. Any birds not from our aviary are still welcome as long as they are in good health, vet records may be requested prior to boarding.

Daily Rate Boarding

We have a standard day rate based on species size.

$5 Small Birds (Finches, Budgies, Parrotlets, Lovebirds)

$10 Medium Birds (Cockatiels, Conures, Quakers, Ringnecks)

$15 Large Birds (Cockatoos, African Greys, Small Macaws)

$20 X-Large Birds (Macaws)

Extra One-Time Fees

+$5 Medicine Administration

+$5 Bird Food Supplied by the Aviary

+$5 Wing and Nail Grooming

Long Term Boarding

We do have a discounted rate for long term boarding that varies. Please contact us directly for a quote.

Any bird that is originally from our Aviary gets a special weekly discounted rate!

Boarding Agreement

All boarders must sign a boarding agreement upon drop-off of your bird. If you wish to extend your stay, please call us in advance of the pickup date. All boarding fees are due upon pickup, your bird will not be released until all agreed upon fees are paid in full. Failure to pickup your bird and pay all fees due within 30 days of the scheduled pickup will be considered a voluntary surrender and may become adoptable at our rescue center to recoup any uncollected fees.

You must provide two emergency contacts and your normal avian veterinary contact. In the event of any injury or illness, we will immediately try to reach the emergency contacts. If unable to reach anyone in a timely manner and we are unable to use your preferred vet, we will use one of our preferred avian veterinarians and any acquired vet fees will be due upon pickup. In the event of an illness or injury, you agree that FGA and its agents will not be held liable unless due to gross negligence on our part.

Town and Country Animal Hospital – Dr. Ricks – Oak Grove, MS – 601-261-3839

All Animal Clinic – Dr. Palermo – Hattiesburg, MS – 601-268-8880

Any bird suspected to have unknown or poor health will be subjected to strict quarantine procedures and may require veterinary records to be sent to us before we can board them. Any deaths that may occur due to illness or accidental injury will not be held liable against FGA unless due to gross negligence on our part. We take every possible step to insure your bird is cared for to the best of our ability and are housed separately (including bio-hazard sanitary procedures) from any of our Aviary flock or babies in the event of avian disease cross-contamination. However this is always a risk as these diseases can be air borne and highly contagious; by boarding with FGA you understand these risks and will not hold FGA liable.

Boarding Application

Special Needs

Emergency Information