Wing and Nail Trimming

We do offer Wing and Nail trims at our location by appointment only.

  • $10 for Wing and Nail Trims
  • $5 for Wing Trimming (standard and mild trims available)
  • $5 for Nail Trimming (clipping and grinding available)
  • Free nail trims when done with DNA testing services.

To schedule an appointment between 2pm-6pm you can schedule online; for other times contact us directly a week prior.

Once scheduled we will contact you with directions to our location.

The Scoop on Grooming Perches

Want to prevent grooming visits as often? Get a safety grooming perch like the one pictured below. Sweet Feet & Beaks makes an excellent one we highly recommend that has smooth tops to prevent bumblefoot that is a common health condition with sand paper perches. We do NOT recommend sand paper or grit perches for this reason!