If interested in one of these birds, please contact us to confirm it’s availability before placing a reservation. Don’t see any birds available you’re looking for? They are probably already reserved!! Join our waiting list early! All waiting list requests will be contacted for the opportunity to reserve the bird prior to placing them on this website whenever possible.

All our babies are DNA Tested unless they are dimorphic or from a sex-linked nest where genders are already known. They are hand tamed, hand fed and socialized in advance of weaning. Check out our FAQ for more information. All rescues are listed with their re-homing adoption fee.

Description Information

We will also list hatch dates, colors and genders whenever available. The bird ID for babies will indicate the nesting pair (for example AB is Alex and Bleu) so you can see who are siblings, and the number of the reference ID. We do occasionally give our babies temporary names that may be listed instead of the ID. For adult birds, we will do our best to note personality quirks or known behavioral issues they may have.


Reservations will be noted in the bird’s description. Not all babies are weaned and available yet (we try to give as much advance postings as we can!), please see the description for readiness! We do not sell unweaned babies. Once they are weaned and gender is known, they are available and ready to go to their new forever home and we will update this listing as “available now”.

Hand Raised Babies

Last Updated: 12/25/20

Available Now - Weaned Babies

Fully weaned onto solid foods and ready for a forever family!

Available Soon - Hand Feeding Now

Available within 2-8 weeks for early reservation.
None Available
All current babies are reserved, new babies coming soon.

Babies Coming Soon

Join our waiting list to be contacted for early reservation. Babies are not confirmed until pulled for hand feeding.
Green Cheek Conures
Coming soon. Join our waiting list!
Possible colors: Normal, Yellow-Sided, Pineapple
Green Cheek Conures
Coming soon. Join our waiting list!
Possible colors: all Turquoise varieties of (Normal, Cinnamon, Pineapple, Yellow-Sided)

Breeders - Not Tame

NOT TAME, Breeder Quality
Blue Crowned Conure, Male
Hatched 2017
Male cockatiel
Not Tame, Breeder
Age 5+ years
Neptune and Aurora
Indian Ringneck - bonded pair
Aurora 2019 - Turquoise Dilute Clearwing
Neptune 2018 - Red Eyed, White (fallow dilute or albino?)
Tarzan & Jane
Green Quakers - bonded pair
Jane 2015, Tarzan 2018

Rehomes & Rescues


Reservation Fee Paid - On Hold
CA 306 Male Cockatiel
Hatched 12/18/20
Cinnamon split to pied
CG 304 Male Green Cheek Conure
Hatched 12/11/20
Cinnamon Turquoise Pineapple
CA 305 Male Cockatiel
Hatched 12/16/20
Cinnamon Pied
HL 307 Male Cockatiel
Hatched 12/16/20
Whiteface split to pied
HL 308 Female Cockatiel
Hatched 12/16/20
Whiteface Cinnamon Pied
CA 309 Female Cockatiel
Hatched 12/19/20
Lutino Cinnamon Pearl
CA 310 Female Cockatiel
Hatched 12/20/20
Lutino Cinnamon Pearl
GM 311 Female Cockatiel
Hatched 12/24/20
Was feather plucked by father in nest.
Kristoff & Anna
Blue Quakers - bonded pair
Hatched 2017
Cupid and Psyche
Indian Ringneck - proven pair
Cupid 2016 - Violet Blue split cinnamon
Psyche 2016 - Blue
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